Chennai shop selling diabetic-friendly sweets a major draw on Diwali

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Chennai, Oct.16 (ANI): A confectionary shop in Chennai has become a major drawn for a host of people here, as it is sells sweets meant for diabetic patients.

Located at Thyagaraja Nagar in Chennai, the shop rightly named 'Diabetics Desire' is witnessing high sales, as people from far off are visiting here for its special sweets.

On view and sale are low glycemic, low calorie traditional Indian sweets suitable for diabetic patients. The demand for the sweets has increased with each passing day, prior to Diwali.

"Actually we are using a natural product called levulose. It is clinically (tested) ...insulin independent and (of) low calorie. So we are using this sugar substitute to make all the sweets here which is suitable for diabetics. It is 100 percent safe for diabetics. And every festival time we get up to 50 percent business more," said Jaikrishna, owner, 'Diabetics Desire, a sweetmeat shop, T'Nagar, Chennai.

On Diwali festival, people exchange sweets and everyone wants to relish a variety of sweet items.

A good number of customers are also elated as now they can enjoy range of Indian sweets sans any health related worries.

"For a diabetic patient, sugar free food is good because calorie value is very less in it. So this is good for diabetic patient. They don't need to worry," said Gopal, a customer.

The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus is growing in epidemic proportions all over the world, particularly in India.

It is now known that India has the highest number of diabetic subjects, in the world even higher than China and USA. India has the highest prevalence rates of diabetes in total diabetic population in the world, and in Chennai the prevalence of diabetes had risen from 6.5 per cent to 8 per cent in 2009.

Deepavali, also referred as Naruka Chaturdashi and Diwali, is a major Hindu festival celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after completing 14 years of self-exile and killing Ravana.

People buy new clothes and also distribute sweets among friends and relatives on the occasion. (ANI)

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