American couple catches elusive Bigfoot on camera?

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London, Sep. 25 (ANI): Scientific examination of a photograph taken by an American couple showing a mysterious creature in their vegetable garden may finally throw some light on the existence of the bigfoot.

Earlier this month, Kenny and Margaret Mahoney set up a video camera in their garden after their home-grown vegetables began to mysteriously disappear.

They were stunned to find out a creature resembling a ghostly Dementor from the Harry Potter films prowling at the bottom of their land.

"We initially suspected a deer or a racoon of stealing our green beans. However when my husband produced the pictures of the shape at the bottom of our land we must admit to being surprised," The Sun quoted Margaret, as saying.

The couple sent the image to their local news station in Kentucky, and soon found themselves at the centre of a 'bigfoot fever'.

"After we appeared on television we were swamped with phone calls and emails from crypto-zoologists and bigfoot hunters wanting to talk. They all think that we may have stumbled on to something important," the paper quoted Margaret, as saying.

A team from the History Channel have now even filmed a segment for their show, Monster Quest, with the Mahoneys.

The couple, however, is now worried, and has sent the pictures to a wildlife expert friend fearing the beast was a bear.

"We worried that it might be a bear, so we sent off the picture to a good friend who is an expert in that field. She said in her opinion it looked like fur, but she could not confirm it," Margaret said.

"Our greatest fear is that it is indeed a bear. However, bears do not live in Kentucky so we are still at a loss as to what this figure could be," she added. (ANI)

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