Chandrayaan may have found 'lot of water' on Moon

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Bangalore, Sep 23: Ahead of a major announcement on a discovery made by Chandrayaan-1 scheduled to take place on Thursday, Sep 22, there are speculations that India"s maiden Moon mission may have found water on the moon.

Chandrayaan-I which had Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3), an imaging spectrometer on board is believed to have found 'a lot of water' on moon, says a report in Space Ref.

If this does turn out to be true, the credit for the discovery would go to NASA's M3.

As of now, neither ISRO nor NASA are keeping mum on the discovery and the announcement is expected at a press conference at the NASA headquarters in Washington DC.

The lunar scientist Carle Pieters from Brown University will be present at the press briefing.

For a long time now, lunar scientists have been debating on the possibility on the existence of water on lunar surface locked up in minerals. This debate will end with the announcement that the moon has water not only in the minerals but scattered throughout the broken-up surface, claims another report.

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