Radio Pakistan blames India for delay in starting dialogue

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Abohar, Sep.15 (ANI): Radio Pakistan in its Punjabi Durbar programme has blamed India for the delay in finding out the identity of perpetrators of Samjhauta Express blast of 2007 in which several Pakistanis died in Indian Territory.

Raj Sadosh, a senior journalist in Abohar has pointed out that in fact Pakistan has been nurturing terrorist organisations and the terrorist trained in Pakistan have carried out the blasts.

Not only India, even the United States has been a victim of attacks by organisations based in Pakistan, said Raj Sadosh.

"People in India are never discriminated on the base of religion or caste but Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion. And the situation of minorities in India is far better than minorities living in Pakistan. Minorities in Pakistan cannot even think of celebrating their festivals," Sadosh added.

People in Punjab still recall that over 70 deaths occurred in the Samjautha express blasts.

Pakistan should take action against the culprits behind the Mumbai blasts. Only then will it be able to enhance its reputation and establish its sincerity not allow terror-mongers to operate from its soil.

It is too much for a country to expect to have friendly relations with another country which is bent on creating violent incidents within its territory.

Besides, former Pakistan President Gen. (Retd.) Parvez Musharraf latest revelation that Pakistan used the aid from the U.S meant to fight Taliban to actually strengthen itself against any operation has been causing concern in India.

Pakistan needs to know that action is being initiated to punish the guilty in the Samjhauta Express blast case.

Of the 68 fatalities, besides Pakistani civilians, the victims included Indian civilians and Indian military personnel guarding the train. (ANI)

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