9/9/09 sees marriages, births & cat ban on net

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New Delhi, Sep 9: Since the date 9/9/09 is the single-digit date for almost a century as it will not occur until Jan 1, 2101, people across the world are trying to decipher the significance of the day.

While romantic couples across the world have fixed up this date to say 'I do's',  businesses like Dominos Pizzas has taken this opportunity to use it in a marketing strategy.

Other events pegged to take place on this day are hitting the news. The movie 9, a computer-animated fantasy about life after the apocalypse was released on Sep 9.

Noting that cats are believed to have 9 lives, AOL's Urlesque.com has called for a web-wide ban on cat-related coverage to protest all the cute online cat photos and videos.

Another report says, parents-in-waiting who believe that this is an auspicious day to have a child have all lined up for delivery by Ceasarean section.

From magic to science, there are a slew of theories and speculations doing the rounds now, but the bottom line would be the fact that 9/9/09 is the single-digit date for almost a century.

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