Early birds may not catch the worm, thanks to climate change

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Washington, September 5 (ANI): Reports indicate that climate change may affect critical water resources that support prey for 75 migratory bird species in the Great Basin in the US.

As climate change either freshens wetlands or drier weather makes them saltier, the distribution and availability of waterbird prey species may impact which waterbirds can use the wetlands and when.

A new five-year study by USGS (US Geological Survey) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) scientists will examine the effects of climate change on waterbirds in the Great Basin, which is a large, arid region of the western United States.

Scientists will use new genetic tools and climate models to examine past and present distributions of prey species to predict potential changes in their distribution.

Results will have implications for evaluating future water needs for urban communities, agricultural irrigation, grazing plans and waterbird conservation. (ANI)

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