Oz cops book dog for illegal parking!

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Melbourne, Sep 2 (ANI): Traffic wardens of the Darwin City Council recently booked a dog for illegal parking.

The blue heeler was roped to a fence outside Rapid Creek Market when two traffic wardens taped the ticket to the dog's lead.

The Courier Mail quoted witness Ray McEvoy as saying: "I watched an elderly lady and her very faithful blue heeler roll up at the market.

"The lady tied the dog to the fence and gave him a bowl full of water.

"And off she went into the markets.

"Then two traffic inspectors came along. They had a bit of a talk and, to my amazement, wrote out a warning infringement notice for the dog and taped it to his lead rope."

McEvoy said the dog was standing peacefully tied to fence wall, far from the shops.

"It was on a path rarely used...And the owner made sure the dog was in the shade.... It wasn't in distress at all. In fact, it was the most placid blue heeler I've seen in my life," he added.

The dog owner was last spotted looking for the two cops.

However Council spokesman Grant Fenton defended the move and said a dog was deemed to be "at large" if it's owner was not there.

"You can't tie up a dog and leave it," he added. (ANI)

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