Indians are not the only ones unsafe in 'racist' Australia

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Hobart (Tasmania, Australia), Aug.14 (ANI): The recent attacks on Indian students studying in Australia have attracted global attention and worldwide condemnation.

According to one report, there have been about 20 racial attacks on Indians in Sydney last month alone.

But the media spotlight on these attacks have helped to highlight the fact that it has not been confined to Indians alone

Last November, two men brutally beat ABC television personality Rob "Tino" Carnevale and his friend Juke Jenyns recently, and justice was delivered on Thursday when the attackers were sentenced to at least a year and a half in jail for the unprovoked attack.

Damion Robert Stuart Carlton and David Henry Donohue both pleaded guilty to the bashing of the Gardening Australia host that left him with multiple head and facial fractures and his friend with other serious injuries.

During the hearing of the case in the Supreme Court in Hobart, Jenyns, 34, said he thought Carnevale was going to die after he heard his head crack "like an egg".lthough the thugs had apologised, Carnevale said he was unable to accept it.

"Our pain is continuing. It is hard to just put it behind us," Carnevale said.

"I am just glad something came out of this because I know there are a lot of cases that don't get reported and this will hopefully give us a bit of closure. We live in a great city and a great state and Average Joe can't walk down the street without fearing for his life and that is not a good thing," he added.

Justice David Porter described the act as "callous and heinous."

"In my view these offences are in the upper end of the seriousness scale," he said. (ANI)

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