Native American tribe troubled by 'New Moon'

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London, July 19 (ANI): The filming of 'New Moon,' sequel of the hit movie 'Twilight', has infuriated a tribe of Native Americans.

The Quileute tribe, which believes to be descended from wolves, has alleged that the vampire flick offers a wrong portrayal of their history and is insulting to their community.

The movie reportedly shows members of the Quileute Nation turning from humans to werewolves to fight Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, and his fellow vampires.

However, the tribal lore has their ancestors changed forever from wolves into humans by a mysterious traveller.

"This could have been an opportunity to -educate the world on Quileute -history. But at best the movie-makers have taken a liberty," the Daily Star quoted Tribal Council member Anna Rose Counsell as saying.

The tribe living in isolated Pacific coast reservation of La Push, 109 miles from Seattle in Washington state, feels that the film will lead to intrusion of unwanted elements as tourists will flock to see the location of the shoot.

An elderly person of the community said: "Our heritage could be destroyed by an influx of outsiders and a tourism explosion."

Another member added: "This was our secret world but now, because of Hollywood, everyone is getting to know about us."

However, there is conflict of ideas as the youngsters in the area plan to achieve maximum benefit through their sudden fame.

So, they have opened ritual Wednesday night drum-circles to outsiders.

They have also build tourist resort for visitors who want to enjoy whale watching, fishing, hiking and storm watching.

A three-hour Twilight boat tour is offered to fans who wish to see the films' locations. (ANI)

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