Need of more physiotherapy facilities highlighted in Jammu and Kashmir

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Srinagar, June 28 (ANI): A two-day national conference of physiotherapists held in Srinagar highlighted the gains of physiotherapy, particularly in cases of physical disability and post-surgery care.

Jammu and Kashmir, which experienced insurgency over the past 20 years, has thousands of victims who are crippled or paralyzed due to the non-availability of post-operation care, lack of awareness and shortage of physiotherapists in the state.

Hence, the state now plans to invite over 2000 physiotherapists and open more job opportunities in a bid to treat the injured locals and the security personnel in the valley itself.

"As you know the situation here is bad and even in the past there were victims who inspite of being treated in hospitals became bed ridden. These victims suffer from post-operative complications, as they aren't aware of physiotherapy. I wish the government takes up the initiative in increasing the number of physiotherapy camps in the state," said Mohammad Waris, a physiotherapist

With more awareness about the need to improve the health and lifestyle of people with disabilities, the government of Jammu and Kashmir is keen to appoint therapists to teach exercises in private medical centres as well as government hospitals.

Abdul Gani Vakil, a former Social Welfare Minister of Kashmir, also addressed the conference.

He said there is a great need of physiotherapists to alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction among patients.

"Jobs opportunities should be created for them (physiotherapists) or else their training in this field go wasted. Many people have lost their legs, arms making them permanently disabled hence physiotherapists can be a lot of help for such victims," said Abdul Gani Vakil, former Social Welfare Minister of the state.

Presently, just a couple of government hospitals and the base hospitals manned by the Indian Army in Kashmir have regular physiotherapists. (ANI)

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