Memory boosting water, acne-fighting chocolates to hit UK markets soon!

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London, Mar 7 (ANI): Water that boosts memory, chocolates that fight acne, black pepper-flavoured chewing gum - these are some of the bizarre "future foods" that could soon hit market shelves in the UK.

Experts have searched the entire world to find the food and drink products likely to make it big in the UK in the coming months.

Among the strange snacks are chocolate bars made with smoked bacon from the US.

A selection of the new goods will make their UK debut at a food and drink show in London next weekend.

One of the products on show is bottled water marketed as a way of sharpening the memory. The American drink called Y Brain Water is enriched with vitamins and minerals, reports The Daily Express.

Another unusual US import is Frutels acne-care chocolate. The dark sugar-free chocolates contain antioxidants and nutrients said to boost the body's defences against the causes of acne. Its makers say eating five of the sweets a day will lead to better skin within a fortnight.

Also on the unusual list is Pomegranate Pillows drink mix, which its US manufacturer Dreamerz claims can aid relaxation and sleep.

Other products include Dutch drink Nicotizer, which is designed to look like a filter cigarette and is claimed to help smokers quit while another unusual food is tortilla chips flavoured with blue­berry, cranberry and pomegranate.

The products were sourced internationally by consumer research firm Mintel, which has launched a new global food product database.

Event director Paul MacDonald said: "Through our work with Mintel we have discovered some of the most bizarre food from across the globe.

"We are using the event to showcase the most forward-thinking, but practical, food of the future. It is exciting to think that some of these products could be hitting our shelves in the near future," he said. (ANI)

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