Pak situation really 'scares' Obama

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London, Feb 9 (ANI): Pakistan is the nation that really "scares" US President Barack Obama and, it will be his administration's greatest foreign policy challenge: A nuclear-armed country hurtling towards chaos.

According to Obama's aides, Pakistan is the nation that really "scares" him. The country is threatened by a growing Islamist insurgency, economic collapse and a crisis of governance as it struggles to establish democratic rule, The Guardian reported.

The Obama Administration believes Pakistan is the key to its objective of pacifying Afghanistan and going after al-Qaida.

Pakistan is the most urgent foreign policy challenge for the Obama Administration, according to the US Central Command study.

The Centcom, which is directly responsible for all American military activities in the Afghan-Pakistan region, is expected to submit the report to President Obama in a few days.

Pakistan is al-Qaeda's headquarters, while its tribal territory, which runs along the Afghan border, is used by the Taliban to launch attacks against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Some Pakistani extremists, who previously focused on Afghanistan, have now turned inwards, spawning a vicious Pakistani Taliban movement, which challenges the writ of the state.

Obama warned in a television interview this month that the spillover of the war in Afghanistan risks "destabilising neighbouring Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons."

The top priority for Washington will be getting Pakistan to take more concerted military action in the tribal areas.

The deep confusion in Pakistan also envelops the role of the US and other western powers, who many believe are secretly supporting the extremists, in order to destabilise Pakistan. (ANI)

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