Ramalinga Raju is a tough nut to crack: CID

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Hyderabad, Jan 20: The Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (CID) is finding Ramalinga Raju to be a tough row to hoe as Raju is proving to be a hard nut to crack during the questioning of his brother Rama Raju and former CFO Srinivas Vadlamani in the Rs 7000 crore scam of Satyam.

On the second day of interrogation, Raju either bluntly refused to answer or simply feign ignorance or sometimes saying that he was feeling feverish. the doctors who examined him told that he was perfectly in good health.

The result was obvious. CID could not abstract any substantial information from him.

The CID surely has its own means of extracting information from the accused, though not necessarily 'third degree', but means which could physically harm the accused. But such a treatment is for ordinary criminals and not for high profile people like Raju and Company.

"One method is that the accused is not allowed to have proper sleep. When the accused is feeling drowsy, investigators who take turns to question him take advantage of his condition and extract information," a CID source said.

Satyam fiasco was the result of a Rs 7000 crore scam by its former CEO, Ramalinga Raju.

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