Gordon Ramsay once smeared wife's boobs with melted chocolate

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London, Dec 3 : Brit chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he once smeared his wife's boobs with melted chocolate before eating it off her.

Ramsay, 42, who has been very much in the spotlight since his alleged affair with Sarah Symonds, was asked what his weakness was, and which would he choose given a choice between chocolate and smoked salmon.

"Chocolate. I'm shocking at chocolate. I'm so bad. Green and Black's. I'm so sweet-toothed," Metro.co.uk quoted him as saying during an interview.

He even went on to add the experience he had smearing his wife's boobs with the chocolate.

"Take a favourite part of your wife's body and wrap it up in chocolate, that's nice for Christmas," he said.

"Layer the clingfilm over the bosom first then slowly pour chocolate over it; in two minutes it's dried.

"Tana and I tried it on our honeymoon in Maui. It was Christmas, we got a bit drunk on champagne then I covered her boobies with melted chocolate. They go really hard and you can snap away.

"You think I'm messing but I'm serious Tana's going to give me s***," he added.

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