RSS slashes UPA for Mah havoc, claims 'regime change' only solution

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New Delhi, Nov 29 (UNI) The RSS today virtually held the political leadership and the UPA regime responsible for the 'shameful spectacle' in Mumbai that sniffed out about 200 lives and left over 350 injured, saying the recurrence of such a terror attack could not be ruled out unless there was a 'regime change'.

RSS mouthpiece Organiser, in its editorial comment written before the flushing out of terrorists from the battered Taj Mahal Hotel building, said it was a 'shameful spectacle' that the entire administrative machinery looked collapsed for many hours and the prospect of recurrence of this kind of terror elsewhere in the country appeared real, more than ever before.

''It is a retreat for India. Inept and unmanly response of the Congress-led government at the Centre and Maharashtra confirmed, yet again, the belief that only a 'regime change' through a national mandate could pull the country out of the abyss,'' the paper said.

Quoting Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare's comments before the media, hours before he was felled by the terrorists bullets, the paper said 90 per cent of the ATS staff was busy with Malegoan blasts investigations that had dominated 'political discourse and media coverage' for the past one month.

The UPA chose to blow the event 'out of proportion' and behaved as if it was the only terror attack worth investigating. It was outrageous on the part of the investigation agency to plant politically motivated 'Hindu terror', the paper added.

Terming the ATS leaks on 'Hindu terror' as 'unbelievably audacious imbecile', the paper said it had damaged the reputation of 80 per cent of the population. It was this 'monumental folly' of the UPA that would continue to haunt India for long. The Organiser, which claimed that the ATS has done its 'biggest disservice' to the country's fight against terror in its earlier comment, said it was 'sad' that it had proved correct.

The attack had practically maimed the economy and the financial capital of the country and the organisations like IB and ATS had no clue about what terror had struck with uncharacteristic swiftness, it said. It had not just demonstrated vulnerability of the state but the massive network and unfathomable logistic support the outfits had conjured with such a meticulous planning and technical support.

Taking a snipe at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the paper said he had 'worked overtime to weaken, damage and discredit the country and its nationhood by all possible means'. He had absolved Pakistan as a 'victim' and not 'harbinger' of terror.

The startling aspect of the ploy was to paint Hindus as terrorists and taint nationalist organisations linking them in some way or the other with extremist groups. Such actions only had provided an 'easy escape route' to the theory sponsored by ISI and Bangladesh, the paper observed.

The Government had dragged its feet on implementing the decision of the Supreme Court to hang Parliament attack convict Mohammad Afzal on extraneous considerations to whitewash jehadi terror.

The silver lining was that the institutions or security forces had not dailed the country like the political leadership. Arguing for severe and merciless punishment against terror, the paper said it was the only way to get rid of the trecherous elements. ''Otherwise, we have to forget the dreams of seeing India great,'' the paper concluded.


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