The last straw that broke the back of Madonna's marriage

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London, October 18 : Madonna and Guy Ritchie's eight year marriage went downhill when the singer demanded her 1.5 million pound gift back from her director hubby.

The singer had allegedly gifted the cash to her hubby, who wanted to make a documentary, since his own finances were stuck.

However, Guy had apparently announced that he was suspending the project owing to their tumbling relationship, which infuriated the 50-year-old making her demand her money back.

Though, the Brit director is said to have been 'hurt' with Madonna's reaction, the incident seems to have been the deciding moment for the Queen of Pop.

"After so much heartache, Guy just felt the way Madonna behaved over the loan wasn't like a loving wife should," the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

The source added: "She acted like it was purely a business deal and not one based upon eight years of marriage. Guy was understandably very hurt by her handling of the whole situation. A lot of Guy's money is tied up and because of Madonna's wealth she could effectively call upon the cash very quickly. That's why he asked her.

"It wasn't like the money was sat there in their joint account. Madonna was incensed, though. After sleeping on it, she thought enough was enough and phoned Shackleton the next morning to set up a meeting.

"The row was very much the straw that broke the camel's back and she knew their marriage was over from that point onwards.

"To date, the matter has not been resolved and she is still expecting the 'gift' back.

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