David Craig arrives at 007 tribute in a sling

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London, October 8 : Daniel Craig, who has been wounded several times while performing own stunts for the forthcoming movie 'Quantum of Solace', appeared at the Ian Fleming tribute - with his arm in a sling.

The Bond actor, who does not let injuries get in the way of his professional commitments, turned up at the 007-tribute event in London with a fractured arm.

The 40-year-old English, who has been unwilling to reveal the cause behind his latest damage, is believed to have broken his arm on the sets of his latest Bond sequel.

However, despite his several wounds, the star confessed that he was living his childhood dream.

"I'm pushing myself as hard as I can," the Sun quoted him as saying.

He said. "I've had black eyes, cuts, bruises. I even injured my Achilles.

"Jumping from great heights hurts a lot, but I did that quite often.

"As a kid, I actually wanted to be a stuntman because I liked falling off my bike. I was always bleeding."

In his string of injuries, the actor had even sliced the top of his finger off during filming on the film.

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