Now, a course that teaches you how to win an argument!

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London, Oct 5 : Hate losing an argument with your partner or a heated political debate with friends? Well, a new university course aimed at boosting powers of persuasion might just do the trick for you.

Called 'For The Sake Of Argument', the free day course is being hosted by Professor Laurence Goldstein at the University of Kent.

"Arguing is an intrinsically enjoyable activity. Sometimes a view may be put forward that is so subtle and so persuasive that it can be savoured just like a work of art or a piece of music," The Daily Express quoted him, as saying.

"It is a useful skill for politicians, journalists and business people. In fact it is invaluable for anyone who wants to persuade others rationally," he added.

One of the persons enrolling for the course is Helen Ambrose, 23, of Canterbury, who wants to try the course to help her stand up to her husband.

She said: "If I can learn how to win arguments with him then I can watch Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor instead of watching the football or making the tea.

"Then the course will have been well worth my time. I'm not telling my husband I'm going, though - otherwise it would just be a stalemate."

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