Palin, a victim of blatant sexism, say McCain's female backers

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Washington, Sept.4 : Female politicians backing Republican presidential nominee John McCain have accused the media and the Obama campaign of blatant sexism in their treatment of Alaska Governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Five conservative women censured the media Wednesday at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, saying they were outraged and insulted by Palin's treatment and compared it to the way Hillary Clinton was treated during the Democratic primary.

"The Republican Party will not stand by while Sarah Palin is subjected to sexist attacks," said top McCain adviser Carly Fiorina.

"As women, I think all of us are sensitized and outraged when we see sexist treatment," Fox News quoted her as saying further.

Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin said she was "incensed" by the coverage of Palin.

"Governor Palin has a record of achievement," said former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift.

"She is more prepared than Barack Obama to be president of the United States."

However, Barack Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs told Fox News his campaign was "absolutely not" being sexist.

Fiorina backed off a bit when asked which allegations specifically were sexist.

She said the allegation that Palin's husband belonged to a fringe group and a report that suggested she was a Nazi sympathizer for wearing a Pat Buchanan button were "problematic" - not necessarily sexist.

"People are trying to portray her as a show horse, not a work horse," Fiorina said.

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