10 mispronunciations that makes you a laughing stock

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Have you at any point of time felt embarassed in a conversation when you mispronounced a English word and saw a wierd expression of 'What was that??' on the other person's face... Well, here is a study that offers a list of mangled words on which people often judge you. Toni Bowers offers the list so that you can double-check your own pronunciation.

There are words which would be used correctly but are pronounced wrong. They also may be much more egregious examples of stupidity.

  • Realtor

Many people including reporters on television sometimes pronounce this word as REAL-uh-ter. Looks like the person who has pronounced is suffering from dyslexia.
  • Nuclear

Pronounciation of this word would be NU-clee-er, but most of them including most of the bigwigs pronounce it as NU-cu-lar?
  • Jewelry

Again, it"s not JOO-la-ree, it"s JOOL-ree.
  • Supposedly/ supposably

Supposably is a nonexistent word.
  • Supposed to/ suppose to

some of the people get lazier to pronounce the word supposed to as it takes an extra beat and pronounce it as suppose to.
  • Used to/ use to

same as above people
  • Anyway/ anyways

Lately, slangs have taken place of certain words making it gramatically incorrect. There is no word called anyways.
  • February/ Febuary

Believe it or not some people pronounce it as FEB broo ary.
  • Recur/ reoccur

Though the latter is tempting, it"s not a word.
  • Mischievous/ mischievious

The Mis CHEE vee us is more commonly used, but it is wrong.
  • Often/ oftun

It should be pronounced OFF un, not OFF tun. The t is silent.

The next time you are speaking to somebody mind the above ten pronounciations to save your face.

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