Posh's ancestor was Karl Marx's pal!

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London, Aug 6 : While she is a superstar in her own right, Victoria Beckham also has a family lineage that can leave many people impressed- she is descended from a pal of Karl Marx, the father of Communism.

Hans Mueller, a historian in the city of Heilbronn found that the ex-Spice Girl's great-great-great-grandad Carl Pfaender was a German revolutionary and was a close associate of Marx.

Mueller said that Pfaender, who was born in 1819, fled to London after uprisings failed to oust Germany's monarch in 1848.

He then started a new living as a miniature portrait painter until he died aged 57.

"He certainly didn't get rich doing it. His wife was buried in a pauper's grave," The Sun quoted Hans, as saying.

The historian couldn't believe himself when he unravelled the link, which is worth 125million pounds, with the 34-year-old pop star.

In fact, he also contacted Posh's mum Jacqueline, who also confirmed his findings.

"We've been aware of this for a while," said a spokesman for Posh.

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