Escaped teenager alleges blood-sucking gang operational in Ghaziabad

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Ghaziabad, July 31 : A child-kidnapping gang, which extracts blood to sell the vital fluid is operating here, claimed a 14-year old boy, who recently escaped from the clutches of the kidnappers.

Salman was a student at a Vijaynagar school here, before he went missing from his home a few months ago.

Recently he managed to flee from his kidnappers' custody and returned home. Parents and neighbours were shocked after the teenager revealed how about 90 boys were still in the kidnappers' custody and suffering the same fate like he did. Salman recalled how all children along with him were forced to give blood, which used to be a quite painful experience for everyone.

"They have kept a number of boys in separate rooms. They used to extract blood from my body. I was there for past three months. They used to extract blood from the body of all the boys twice a month. I could never talk to any other boy as we were kept in separate rooms. There were around 80-90 boys. I do not know exactly where it is, but it was near a railway station, somewhere around Dadri," said Salman.

The teenager shows his arms still bearing the needle marks.

Salman told how he, along with another boy Rinkum escaped on Wednesday night (July 23) when the room of their door was left open by mistake. They jumped over the boundary wall of the building where they were interned and escaped.

Both the teenagers then walked up to the main road and took a bus to the Ghaziabad railway station, where Rinku left for his home and the other returned to his.

Parents of the kidnapped boys, however, have blamed the police for showing no interest and not taking prompt action despite the complaint being of such a serious nature.

Farzana, Salman's mother, was very much upset at the apathy of the police.

"I went to the Police Station but the police refused to register the report. Instead they asked me to search for my son. When a month passed like this, I informed media persons and then they registered the FIR. Even then, they didn't take any action," said Farzana, mother of Salman.

Suman, mother of the other kidnapped boy said, "There is some gang in Ghaziabad, which used to extract blood from the young boys. There is something of this kind in Ghaziabad that every third or fourth day, a boy is being kidnapped but we have not got any help from the administration."

The local Policemen, however, denied any knowledge about any such incidents or practice going on in their area. By Amit

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