Kate Beckinsale was scared to move to LA

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Washington, July 16 : Actress Kate Beckinsale has revealed that she was scared to move to America, as her English looks would force her to undergo a makeover

The Underworld star, who moved to America with her ex-husband Michael Sheen six years ago, feared that her English looks would set her apart from other actresses, forcing her to undergo a full body makeover.

"I was very frightened of L.A. at first," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Daliy

"I thought the first thing that would happen is they are going to file my teeth down, inflate my bosom and just be mean to me - and that's sort of what has happened," she added

Beckinsale had demanded a body double for her latest film 'Whiteout' because she felt self-conscious about her bottom's size.

The slim star, 34, allegedly refused to bare her derriere while shooting a shower scene in the new movie, which forced the film's producers to hire a 2,000 dollars a-day model to stand in for the star.

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