He takes out fried pakoras with bare hands

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Allahabad, July 15 : A roadside pakora-vendor in Allahabad has developed such immunity to boiling oil that he takes out pakoras with bare hands directly from the hot frying cauldron.

Ram Babu has been selling pakoras in the city for more than years now.

To meet the demands of his customers, who throng his shop in large numbers, he started taking out pakoras directly from the hot frying pan with his bare hands without the help of any apparatus or spatula.

The fact that astonishes everyone is that though he uses his hands to take out the pakoras from the frying pan full of boiling oil he has never burnt his hand.

No matter how hot the oil is, his hands can bear all the heat without any visible burn marks.

"They (customers) often ask if my hand got burnt or not I say no. I do it many a times, almost around 1000 times a day," said Ram Babu.

People even come from far and wide to relish his pakoras, which they say are mouthwatering.

"I always come here to enjoy his pakoras. People from far away come here to enjoy pakoras," said Amit, a customer.

The love and the warmth with which Ram Babu serves hot pakoras by taking them out from the burning oil has indeed conquered the hearts of his customers. By Virender Pathak

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