India opposes US-Israel strike against Iran

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{image-airstrike_470x317,0_15072008.jpg}New Delhi, Jul 15: India has advised restraint a few days after Iranian missile tests heightened regional tension that could invite a possible retaliation from Israel.

India said it strongly opposed any military action against Iran. "India is gravely concerned at these statements threatening use of military force against Iran. India is against any such military attack, which constitutes unacceptable international behaviour. There is no military solution to the issues that are being discussed between Iran and the world community. India continues to support negotiations and diplomacy, rather than the threat or use of force," Affairs Ministry spokesperson Navtej Sarna told reporters on Monday July14.

Sarna added that any military strike would endanger Indians in the Gulf.

"A military strike on Iran would have disastrous consequences for the entire region, affecting the lives and livelihood of five million Indian residents in the Gulf and the world economy. India calls upon all concerned governments to exercise restraint and choose the peaceful path of persuasion and negotiations," he said.

According to a report in a British newspaper on Sunday, US President George Bush would back an Israeli plan to strike Iran's main nuclear sites with long-range aerial weapons if diplomatic talks over Tehran's nuclear programme fail.

The Islamic Republic and Israel have been embroiled in an escalating war of words in recent weeks, increasing speculation of military confrontation and helping to send global oil prices to record highs.

Iranian missile tests this week further stoked tension and rattled financial markets.

Israel staged an air force exercise last month that sparked speculation about a possible assault on Iranian nuclear sites.

Israel, long assumed to have its own atomic arsenal, has sworn to prevent Iran from emerging as a nuclear-armed power.

Washington has said it wants a diplomatic end to the row, but has not ruled out military action should that fail.


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