Leopard jumps out of cage, tranquilized and brought safely to zoo

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Dhauji/Junagarh (Gujarat), July 11 : Zoo authorities have rescued a leopard from Dhauji 'Tehsil' near Junagarh in Gujarat after it jumped from its cage and ran into the nearby fields.

The leopard, which was being taken to the Sakkarbagh zoo in Junagarh, escaped from the cage when the vehicle carrying it was parked on the roadside on Junagarh-Jamnagar Highway.

Zoo authorities rushed to the spot and captured the feline after a gruelling three-hour operation.

"After taking proper position, we tranquilized the animal. But due to disturbance from the local people, the animal started to move from the place where it was hiding, and ran to the open field. But my team followed the animal and when it got down, they captured it and brought it back to the zoo,' said V.J. Rana, Director of the Sakkarbagh zoo.

The authorities blocked the Highway during the time the rescue operation was being conducted, causing some discomfort to the passerbys.

This is not a lone incident when a leopard has ventured towards human habitation.

Deforestation for development purposes has led to the depletion of forests, depriving the animals of their natural habitat, forcing them to enter human settlements and even sometimes attack the people and livestock.

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