A cold storage that runs on gas from rice husk

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Lagurao Bilandpur (Bihar), July 9: A cold storage in Bihar run on gas produced from rice husk usually considered a waste product, has come as a boon for the farmers of Lagurao Bilandpur village.

"With the rise in price of diesel, we couldn't use much of it for the cold storage. We burnt the rice husk to produce gas in order to reduce the consumption of diesel," said Rekha Singh, chairman of Primary Agricultural Credit System (PACS).

The rice husk is burnt before being filtered inside the reactor, which gradually transforms into gas.

The PACS set up the 4000 metric tonnes capacity cold storage in Lagurao Bilandpur village in 2001.

By having run this unusual machine for energizing the cold storage facility successfully, the State Government is planning to set up more such cold storages in the other villages.

"We have developed a new system and our main motive is that in Bihar 2000 PACS should be connected to this system. We can attach a mill and a composite system to it so that during the day, mill can operate and at night, we can provide electricity to the people for their use. With this revolution, deficiency of energy is Bihar can be met and farmers will also be benefited," said Giriraj Singh, Cooperative Minister of Bihar.

The storage, mainly used for storing potatoes, earlier consumed an almost 27 liters of diesel per hour, requiring a huge amount annually.

Now, since the storage is being run on the gas produced by burning rice husk, the cost of consumption is reduced considerably.


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