Your coffee reflects your personality!

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Melbourne, Jul 7: How you take your coffee is really all that's needed to reveal the kind of person you. And, backing this up is a new research commissioned by Hudsons Coffee in Australia, reports the Herald Sun.

According to the study, those who love Latte are more likely to flick to the gossip and entertainment section of the newspaper, spend Saturday night in a nightclub, listen to dance music, take public transport rather than their own, live in a shared house with friends, at home with mum and dad, as well as have between 201-300 Facebook friends. Cappuccino drinkers, on the other hand, are more likely to flick to the sports section of the newspaper first, spend their Saturday night in front of the TV with takeaway food, listen to pop music, drive a sedan, live by the beach or water, and have more than 500 friends on Facebook. Flat White lovers, the research states, have a tendency to flick to the travel section of the newspaper, spend their Saturday night on a date, listen to rock music, get around via taxi, live in a CBD apartment, and have between one and 50 Facebook friends

Even Long black lovers have their own particular traits. They really don't dig papers that much, preferring the internet for their news. These coffee drinkers spend Saturday night at the cinema or theatre, listen to classical or acoustic music, drive a four-wheel drive or sportscar, live in a house in the suburbs or country, have between one and 50 Facebook friends.


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