'Custard Cream' makes it to Oxford English Dictionary

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London, Jul 3: After 100 years as one of Britain's favourite teatime treats, the humble custard cream has finally been given the ultimate honor - an entry into the Oxford English Dictionary. Literary experts decided it was high time the vanilla-filled snack was included when nine out of 10 people voted it their top biscuit in a survey.

The name joins a host of new words to make the 11th edition of the dictionary - including odd ones such as "muffin top", "sleb" and "cosplay". The term "muffin top" is described as "a roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women's tight-fitting, low-waisted trousers" in the dictionary. In a 2007 survey, nine out of 10 people named the custard cream - definition: noun, biscuit with vanilla-flavoured cream filling - as their top biscuit, beating fancy new rivals and bringing it to the attention of dictionary editors.

The yummy biscuit was first made in 1908 and the swirly baroque design of ferns on each one harks back to Victorian times.

"These new words reflect the sometimes contradictory pre-occupations of our time. Money is tight in the credit crunch and people are worried about sub-prime mortgages," The Daily Express quoted co-author Angus Stevenson, as saying. "And the editors have found a place for the humble custard cream, which was drawn to their attention when it was voted the nation's favourite biscuit," he added.

Stuart Payne, author of A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down, said: "With the cream in the centre, there's enough nice stuff that people think they're getting a treat, but not so nice that people feel guilty about eating three of them."


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