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London, Jun 18 (UNI) Wanna get rid of that ugly flab around your hips and thighs? Simple, sit in your pants and lose weight! LipoContour has claimed that their pants can apparently 'refine and lift' the body and take inches off the hips and thighs in just 12 weeks, without the wearer having to go for a single, panting jog.

Sales of the stretchy pants, which look like a pair of particularly snug cycle shorts, have doubled since they were introduced last year, the company said.

The briefs have an immediate shaping effect, smoothing down the hips and thighs and sucking in stomachs, a company official said, adding that women might experience more permanent results if they wore the pants for eight hours a day for eight to 12 weeks.

The elastic shorts have two thin, tight layers of mesh fabric over problem areas, according to the designer, Italian cosmetic surgeon Professor Marco Gasparotti.

He said the 'micro massage' action of the layers increased blood circulation and helped to break down fatty deposits, thus smoothing out cellulite.

By assisting the body's lymphatic drainage process the pants also helped to eliminate toxins from the body, he added.

The garment, which is specifically designed for women's bodies, was originally meant to be worn by patients recovering from liposuction and lipocontour treatments.

But then the designers realised that it had weight-loss effects of its own. Now, it is available to all women, and can be worn under clothes to work and even to the gym while working out.

The product will work without exercise but a little bit of gym time can help, said LipoContour general manager Trisha Juke.

''It works more effectively the more active you are. A very active person might see a result in four weeks,'' she said.

'But it is very suited to someone who has an office job and sits down all day,'' she added.

''People get obsessed with food when they go on diets. This is a much easier solution,'' the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

The garment is considered particularly suitable for new mothers keen to whittle themselves back to their pre-pregnancy figure.


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