''Climate's first Orphan'' portrays Satbhaya's misery

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Kendrapada, Jun 16 (UNI)The impact of climate change and global warming at Satabhaya, a sea erosion prone coastal village in Orissa's Kendrapada district, has been reflected in a 52 minutes documentary titled the ''Climate's first Orphan''.

Produced by the British High Commission in New Delhi and directed by Oriya director Nila Madhab Panda,the film portrayed the ecosystem of Satabhaya where large areas of land devoured by the marching sea making the inhabitants ecological refugees with no place to stay.

Sea erosion has reduced Satabhaya's original area of 350 sqkms to 140 sqkms,sending a disastrous impact of climate change and global warming.

The film has illustrated the picture of homeless villagers of Satabhaya, where several villages were wiped out by rising sea levels during the last three decades.

A cluster of seven villages,Satabhaya,now remained with only two villages- Satabhaya and Kanhupur, both are almost on the verge of watery grave in the Bay of Bengal due to rising sea level.

The five villages- Gobindapur, Mohanpur, Chintamanipur Badagahiramatha and Kharikula have already taken watery grave in the Bay of Bengal in last two decades .

The documentary depicted how a 30-year old tube well which in past was used to be in the center of one of the surviving villages in Kanhupur,found virtually close to the sea.Agriculture has been destroyed as sea water intrusion has made land saline.

The film cautioned that the day is not far off when the whole area, having a population of over 3000 would be devoured by the sea.


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