New generation of vaccines on anvil for AIDS and malaria

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Washington, Mar 31 (UNI) Researchers are working on a new generation of vaccine for more effectively fighting AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis which annually claim 17 million lives.

Traditional vaccine development involves the use of microorganisms to trigger an immune response by the body. However, this approach can produce unwanted side effects and may be ineffective against microbes with extremely complex infection cycles. Therefore, researchers agree on the need for better vaccine.

Researchers are working on completely a new strategy for designing most effective vaccines. The study is conducted by Manuel E.

Patarroyo and his son Manuel A. Patarroyo, Science Daily reported.

They identified dozens of key protein fragments involved in the complex infection process of the malaria parasite, from which they designed, specifically modified and synthesized chemically some of the most promising malaria vaccine candidates that have been tested to date.

Likewise, identifying the disease-related protein fragments involved in the complex infection process of other transmittable diseases could result in new, more effective vaccines to help fight these diseases, the scientists say.

They also noted that this innovative approach establishes for the first time the emerging rules for the development of vaccines against diseases scourging humankind.


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