China's stand on Tibet 'wrong: RSS

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New Delhi, Mar 24 (UNI) Describing Tibet as a ''bomb'' waiting to explode, the RSS today said no amount of development done by China in the region could subside the simmering anger of the people.

In its mouthpiece, Organiser, the RSS said it was not for the first time Tibet had erupted, but earlier also the seething resentment against the Chinese occupation of the Buddhist country had resulted in bloody uprising that claimed over hundred lives.

''This may not be the last we have heard on Tibetan rebellion,'' the paper said.

The Chinese authorities had misjudged the determination of the Buddhist youth of Tibet, thinking that a clever mix of ''westernisation, consumerism, demographic dilution and the use of the media'' would supress their urge to liberate the country.

The China crackdown on Buddhist monks in Lhasa and other provinces had shocked the world community but the world leaders were silent in condemning the atrocities.

India, which has a national commitment to help Tibetans realise their rightful claim on their motherland, had been extremely cautious in its reaction. The saddest part of the sweeping human tragedy was China accusing the Dalai Lama of instigating violence.

Like all other Communist dictatorships, China had deeply cultivated colonial agenda. This was the reason it had been having territorial disputes with all its neighbours, the paper observed.

The Dalai Lama had always been pleading for a dialogue with China and prodding his followers to stick to peaceful means in the face of unacceptable brutality. He went to the extent of agreeing to an existence under the Chinese with autonomous powers only to preserve the rich Tibetan culture and pursue religious practices.

While China is not ready to budge an inch, the Tibetan youth, now a formidable force, was switching to violent means to achieve their goal.

They are not ready to accept anything short of sovereignty and the modernisation plank has only strengthened their resolve.

''This is the worry for China as well for it can't supress legitimate human rights by Tiananmen Square type of barbarism.'' India, the RSS paper said, cannot ignore the agony of Tibet and the UPA government surviving on the support of the Indian Red brigade was afraid of taking a firm stand on the issue.

The silence of the CPI-M on the killings in Tibet is ''shameful'', the paper said.

Terming the comparison between Tibet with Kashmir ''mischievous,'' it said, Kashmir was an integral part of India and not occupied by any sovereign state.

''Kashmir historically, geographically, culturally and administratively is part of India and it was the craddle of Shaivite Hinduism. No such affinity can be claimed by China on Tibet. Kashmir in India enjoys full democratic rights.

No word of condemnation is sufficient to describe the genocide in Tibet. China can help itself if it starts dialogue with Buddhist leaders of the Himalayan country,'' the paper said.


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