March 21 - extra special day of 2008

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Hyderabad, Mar 21 (UNI) The Vernal Equinox is unique this year as it marks the inter-play of five different faiths in the world today.

Today, while the Christians are observing Good Friday, the day of crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Parsis are celebrating 'Jamshedi Naoroz', the first day of Zoroastrians' Fasli calender, the Muslims are celebrating 'Id-e-Milad', the birthday of Prophet Mohammed, the Jews participating in 'Purim', a festival linked with their Hebrew Princess Esther's initiative to save the people from evil and the Hindus celebrating Holi, festival of colours.

Touted as 'Universal Spring Day', the Vernal Equinox or March 21 is when the Sun rises directly from the East with both day and night of equal length. After the longest night on December 21 and 'Sankranti', marking 'Uttarayana', the day Sun starts its northern sojourn, the days after March 21 would get longer and hotter till June 21, when the day is the longest part of the year. The Sun then turns its southern journey, the 'Dakshinayana', till the day and night again gets equal on September 21, the Winter Equinox, according to Indian astronomers.


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