Existence of God

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New Delhi, Mar 9 (UNI) God is dead and you're on your own -- was the message conveyed by one of four plays of famous US playwright Woody Allen, staged here.

The anxieties of society regarding the existence of God and the consequent worries of what freedom is and whether man is in control of his own actions, were the main themes of the four comic plays.

The plays dealt with the issue of women's sexuality and their objectification, portraying how often women ignore and evade what they really want.

The play 'God' is a bizarre reflection of human life. The scenes were set in different periods and locations, with the Greek characters contemplating the ending of the play.

God is closely related to control and the play suggested that people don't really control their own actions and are like characters in a play.

The play 'Death Knocks' brings forth the wish of every man to live, when the character asks for one more day of life when death comes through his window to take him away.

The play 'My Apology' is a reliving of the Greek philosopher Socrates' last death row and his unexpected pardon. It asks whether truth and beauty are worth dying for.

In the play 'Lovborg's Women Considered', a scholar traces the personal demons behind the women in the play.

The adaptation of the play 'God' was presented by Verbum-- the Dramatic Society of Sri Venkateswara College.

The script reading for the other three short plays was done by a leading theatre group, Prospect Wide Aisle.

The event was organised by the YP Foundation and the American Centre which provides a wide range of activities to promote cultural, academic and professional relations between India and the US.


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