Dream of a free Tibet still alive for Tibetans

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Bilaspur, Mar 8 (UNI) The world's most innocent dream , the dream of a free Tibet, homeland of thousands of self-exiled Tibetans across the globe, is still alive in their eyes as they are hopeful to return to their homeland.

More than one lakh of these Tibetans, living in 53 refugee camps in India, are hopeful of their homeland to be set free from the Poeple's Republic of China (PRC).

''Who would not like to be in his motherland, if Tibet is set free,'' says 77-year-old Lhamo, who had to flee from her village Tod, down north of Lhasa, on March 17, 1959, when the Chinese Red Army entered there killing almost all the men and raping the women.

She does not know the whereabouts of her brothers and sisters, Lhamo said wryly.

Presently, the old lady is living in a wager home, run by the Tibetan Government in-exile with monetary assistance from a German lady Ms Berger, at Mainpaat, the picturesque hilly area, 1046 m above the sea level, in Sarguja district of Chhatisgarh.

Forty-one-year-old Dwatsering, who looks after wager homes for elderly people said, he was barely two years old when his mother had to run away from their home after the China's Red army started a massacre to crush the public revolt against the Chinese invasion of September 1949.

But his father Karma Dorzi was not as lucky and was captured by the Chinese Army on March 10, 1959, when the public outburst against the Communist China's oppressional rule in the North-eastern provinde of Chamdo, spread across Tibet, Dwatsering said in tears.

''I don't even know how my father looked like and whether he is alive or dead,'' he said, adding that the Tibetans are still hopeful of their freedom.

''Tibetans are only asking for autonomy, and for that, on March 10 every year, we hold demonstrations and prayers for our motherland, because we cannot fight China on our own strength,'' says Nawang, Secretary to the Tibetan Co-operative society at Mainpaat.

Though ''well-to-do and happy'' in India, the Tibetans in Mainpaat and in the 52 other Camps across the country are desperate about their homeland and its fate. However, some of them are so well-settled in India that even if Tibet becomes free, they will prefer to stay in India, Dwatsering said.


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