Govt should be for poor, not Ambanis, Birlas: Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi
Raipur, Nov 7: The Gujarat CM claimed that government of any country should concentrate on the poor people who struggle to fulfil one's basic needs -- bread, cloths and shelter.

He claimed, Should the Government be for the rich? For Ambani, Tata or Birla? No, it is the poor who needs a Government."

"Congress has got leaders who say there is no poverty it is only a state of mind. Is sleeping hungry at night, children this all a state of mind?" asked the PM candidate of BJP.

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Narendra Modi begins 2nd round of campaigning in Chhattisgarh:

Narendra Modi began his second round of campaigning in Chhattisgarh as he addressed a huge rally at Kanker.

"You kept making Congress winning for so many years but what did you get?" asked Modi while lashing out at Congress and also added, "Congress ruled for so long. With great hope the poor, tribal, OBC,Dalit voted for Congress but what did they give us."

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Chhattisgarh will go ahead of Gujarat, says Narendra Modi:

Modi showed his confidence in Raman Singh while saying that Chhattisgarh will go ahead of Gujarat if Singh gets five more years to lead the state as a CM.

Speaking about Singh and his contributions towards the state, Modi said, "Raman Singh worked for poor. Made schemes that helped the poor. I urge you to come out and vote in large numbers and vote for the Lotus."

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Vote for development, not caste, says Modi:

Trying to gather more votes from people in the state which is scheduled to hold elections on Nov 11 and Nov 19, Modi said, "Now times have changed. Do not vote for caste or creed but vote for development. Vote a Government that does good for you and your future generations and that can be done by BJP and Raman Singh."

"13-18 years are very crucial. As Chhattisgarh enters this phase, it needs proper care & then it can develop," he added.

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Congress will destroy Chhattisgarh, says Modi in Bastar:

The PM candidate of BJP hailed Raman Singh under whose government the state received severtal achievements. Modi also asserted, Had you not given 10 years to Dr. Raman Singh & the BJP then today imagine what would be state of Chhattisgarh."

"It was your foresight that you kept Congress away from Chhattisgarh else the state would be ruined under Congress. It is one Chhattisgarh that has gone ahead in the last 10 years. Reason was your vision that gave state political stability," he added.

Continuing his speech, Modi said, "Chhattisgarh progressed because you had faith in Dr, Raman Singh and a stable government delivered on progress."

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Sonia concludes speech when Modi lashes out at Congress:

The UPA Chairperson concluded her short speech within 15 minutes while Modi continues his criticism against Congress.

Hailing former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his decision of forming a separate state -- Chhattisgarh, Modi said, We should always be grateful to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It was his vision, his thought that if this state is created, development will come."

"I remember and bow to Atal Bihari Vajpayee who created the state of Chhattisgarh. He was concerned for poor, marginalised, tribals," he added.

If someone thought of development of tribal communities so many years after Independence it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee."

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Both Modi, Sonia reach Chhattisgarh; Cong-BJP war in Naxal-hit area:

Both Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi reached Bastar and began their speeches at the same time. It seems that Congress and BJP are showing their strength in the Naxal-hit area.

Speaking at the rally at Jagdalpur, Modi said, "I have had the opportunity to travel across Chhattisgarh when I was working for the organisation."

Criticising Congress for its apathy towards the state, Modi said, "Congress was not bothered about this region. It was as if it was a picnic spot."

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Narendra Modi addresses rally in Chhattisgarh: Watch Video

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Narendra Modi-Sonia Gandhi face-off in Chhattisgarh today:

It will be a challenging and hectic schedule for security officials and police personnel in Chhattisgarh where both Sonia Gandhi and Modi have been scheduled to address rallies on Thursday.

The Congress President will address a public rally at Kondagaon in Bastar. Congress is putting up a spirited campaign to checkmate BJP in its erstwhile stronghold of Naxal dominated Bastar region o the state.

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Narendra Modi to reach Chhattisgarh shortly:

BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi is all set to woo the people in poll-bound Chhattisgarh. The Gujarat CM is expected to reach Bastar on Thursday, Nov 7 around 12:30 pm.

It will be the first public rally of the leader after the Patna blasts that had rocked his Hunkaar Rally in the capital of Bihar on October 27.

Modi is scheduled to address two public meetings in Bastar- Jagdalpur around 12.40 pm and at Kanker around 2.35 pm and Rajnandgaon in Dongargarh around 4:15 pm.

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