Twist in NRI youth murder in Delhi: Was Anmol sexually assaulted?

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New Delhi, Sept 20: Postmortem report of NRI youth Anmol Sarna has brought a new twist in the murder case. The report said that the 20-year-old had injuries at his private parts. Citing the report, Anmol's father -- Anil Sarna raised question -- was Anmol being sexually assaulted before his murder?

Accusing Anmol's friends of sexually assaulting Anmol prior to his murder, Mr Anil sought a probe by the investigative agency -- Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Mr Anil refused to accept murder charges which have been slapped against two security guards. The father of the deceased claimed that the guards have been framed in the murder case. He also asserted that Anmol's friends allegedly had tried to something "wrong to him" and injuries at his private parts were evidence of such crime.

Anmol's father sought CBI probe

Mr Anil has been quoted as saying, "We are not satisfied with the police investigation which has many loopholes. The four friends are responsible his death. They have murdered my son. The two guards are being framed in the case. They are poor people and cannot defend themselves. I am seeking a CBI inquiry in the case."

Speaking about the postmortem report, Mr Anil said, "According to the post-mortem report, there are multiple fractures on his head. He had received injuries on his private parts. It looks like they wanted to do something wrong to him. His legs were also held."

Mr Anil also informed that his son was not willing to attend the party with his friends on the fateful night. He also said that his son had never taken drugs before.

Hurling murder allegations against Anmol's friends, Mr Anil said, "He was drugged and they wanted to do something wrong with him. When he tried to stop them, they hit him with a plate. There is a two-inch deep sharp cut on his head."

According to the autopsy report, Anmol's body had turned pale and stiff and there were blood stains over his face. Delhi Police suspect that injuries to Sarna's private parts might have been caused when he himself rolled on the road after creating ruckus following a party in the apartment complex.

Doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducted the autopsy on Anmol Sept 14. Anmol's internal body samples have been preserved for analysis, informed police.

He was allegedly beaten up by two security guards in Kalkaji's South Park Apartments after he created a ruckus. Police arrested four of his friends for drug abuse and the two security guards for assaulting him.

Police official claimed Anmol and his four friends started consuming a powerful drug inside the flat of one of them around 9 pm and around 11 pm the NRI student became violent and started shouting and behaving abnormally due to a suspected drug reaction.

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