Kejriwal: Modi, Rahul just faces of corporates who control politics

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Arvind Kejriwal hits out at Ambanis
New Delhi, Feb 15: After stepping down from the CM's post, Arvind Kejriwal's said in an interview to Headlines Today that AAP was committed to wiping out corruption from the country.

Speaking about governance in the capital, Kejriwal said: "I do not know what is governance. Many people said that we do not know how to govern. I don't know what is Congress and BJP's definition of governance."

On asking about his resignation he said: "There is no reason to stay in power, if the Jan Lokpal Bill go through."

Whole idea of forming government was to weed out corruption form the country. "Rajneeti (politics) is good for the country. What these parties are doing is not rajneeti. We were teaching them what is politics," he said.

Speaking about the issue of corruption, Kejriwal said that he would write to Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi and will ask them to address issues of corruption. "No one till date has pointed fingers on Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani. The moment AAP did that BJP and Congress joined forces together," he said.

Kejriwal: Not even sure whether I will fight for the Lok Sabha elections

"Modi and Rahul Gandhi are just faces of the corporate forces that are controlling the political system in the country and our PM is obligated by political duties. He won't be able to address the Ambanis' and their corruption," he said.

Speaking about the Lok Sabha elections Kejriwal said that AAP was ready to contest the Lok Sabha elections and take on the corrupt.

"Fighting against corruption is not my fight. It is a fight of the people of Delhi. AAP is an alternate political party. I don't want power. I am not even sure whether I will fight for the Lok Sabha elections," he said.

"Freedom fighters inspire me. This is also a second fight for freedom. I take inspiration for those who fight for the country's independence," he said.

Appealing to the aam aadmi, Arvind Kerjiwal urged the people to come out of their homes and fight against the corrupt. "I urge everybody to come out and fight against the corrupt like the Congress and the BJP who are controlled by Mukesh Ambani,' he said.

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