10 hurdles that AAP needs to take up seriously in Delhi

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New Delhi, Feb 16: After scripting a thumping victory in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party has a huge task ahead of itself- to prove to the country that the people of Delhi were not wrong in voting them to power this assembly elections and to fulfill all the promises made to the aam junta.

In an opinion article for NDTV, AAP leader Ashutosh has said that 'the challenges ahead are enormous than before.' Rightly as Ashutosh points out, AAP needs to refocus its energy and needs to reinvent itself for a successful run in the Capital.

Ten challenges before the AAP

Here is a look at the 10 challenges put forth by Ashutosh that AAP faces in the future:

1.  AAP needs to give rise to alternate politics. Since the party won the Delhi assembly elections by 67 seats, it has the opportunity to deliver a new framework of governance. "It may be easy to govern and easier to administer, but the 67 seats the people of Delhi has given us because they believe the old model of governance will go and a new one will surface," Ashutosh says.

2. To break the current top-down approach in Indian democracy. As Asutosh puts it 'Arvind Kejriwal has emerged from the grassroots. His idioms and phrases are different.' AAP needs to reach out to the masses, to the aam junta who in the first place propelled the party to a majority in the elections.

3. Ashutosh believes that AAP needs to break a few myths when it comes to governance like it has done in the past. AAP needs to stick to its promise if it wants to deliver a clean government. "Transparency has its own pitfalls which might create problems for the administration but for alternate politics, this is not a big price," says Ashutosh.

4. Ministers need to lead from the front as they will be scrutinised at every step and with every action. AAP ministers will have to set a standard for themselves as they cant be compared with others, writes Ashutosh.

5. AAP MLAs will have to follow the same rule as they will be the direct point of contact with the public. AAP MLAs will be watched closely which will in turn affect their fate in their constituency and within the party as well.

6. The government and the party both have to compliment each other. The biggest mistake is made when the party surrenders to the might of the government. If AAP has to remodel politics, then the party should maintain its autonomy , says Ashutosh.

7. AAP has always maintained that it is a party representing the aam aadmi. The people have always been a part of the decision making of the party. This time around the party needs to be more open in terms of policy making and needs to be accountable to the people at each step.

8. AAP has devised a 70-point action plan. It should be its most fundamental guide to its future and governance, writes Ashutosh.

9. AAP's promise of free wifi, cheap water, education and power is being compared to a socialist world. Ashutosh writes that AAP stands for a new market economy. But the basic needs of society have to be addressed.

10. AAP needs to keep calm even in times of criticism. "We all have to be polite and humble in accepting our mistakes and assuring others that we are here not for confrontation but for cooperation," writes Ashutosh.

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