UP can give India political stability: Narendra Modi

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Bahraich (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 8: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed a mega rally here on Friday. The saffron party is eyeing to regain its lost glory in the Awadh region through this rally. It is the third rally of Modi in the key state this election season after Kanpur and Jhansi. The rally is attended by senior leader Vinay Katiyar, UP BJP president Laxmikant Bajpai, BJP's UP-in-charge Amit Singh, former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh and others.

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The rally venue has been named after Raja Suheldev, a backward caste king who is worshipped for fighting Muslim leaders, including the powerful Muhammad Ghazni in the 11th century. The party has reportedly decided to flag off its election campaign in Awadh from the less-developed Bahraich area and not Faiazabad, the heart of the Awadh region, for it is more in favour of projecting Modi as a pro-development leader and not not someone involved with the Ram Mandir issue in Ayodhya. Faizabad is located very close to Ayodhya.

Security has been beefed up for the rally as the authorities are not taking any chances in the wake of the serial blasts that rocked Modi's rally in Patna on October 27. Police officers from Gujarat are camping in the venue and conducting liaison drills with their Uttar Pradesh counterparts.

3.11 pm

"If UP decides, India can get political stability."

3.06 pm

"We must improve the productivity of the land."

"In UP, sugarcane farmers don't get money. It is not so in Gujarat."

3.30 pm

"If MP can improve despite being a BIMARU state, then why can't UP?"

3.00 pm

"Congress, SP and BSP are all same no matter what is their name."

2.58 pm

"The SP and BSP can make the Centre to do work for the people of the state. But they don't do that despite having close relation with the Congress. Look at Mamata Banerjee. She is always fighting for Bengal's rights. These two parties just want for themselves."

2.56 pm

"The SP and BSP are in a race to make more criminals."

"It is because they don't have an understanding of what the common people need."

"UP CM wanted a lion from Gujarat. I wish he also sought things for general welfare."

2.52 pm

"Do you have power problem in UP? Here, when power comes it's a news."

2.50 pm

"A former Congress CM said you are new in administration. You can not solve the power problem. I told him they have made me the CM because they want me to meet the challenge."

"I asked my officials why can't this problem be solved? But I was firm to solve the problem."

"They say Gujarat was always developed. When I became the CM, people used to come to me seeking electricity."

"Had they done something for UP alone, then India would have been a developed nation."

"How long will you tolerate such people?"

"Have they fulfilled their promises?"

"You are running the nation and blaming me for all problems?"

2.47 pm

"I want to ask the rulers of UP: Why did you put two BJP MLAs to defame our party?"

"They are also worried that if the BJP comes to power, then one can well imagine where they could land."

"Why there is so much confrontation? It is because those in power are perceiving a loss in the next election?"

2.42 pm

"They are not bothered about the PM's prestige but because Modi shadowed the Shahzade on Oct 27."

(Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Delhi the day when Modi was in Patna to address the Hunkaar Rally)

"The Indian govt has raised objection against telecasting any other leader's speech while the PM speaks from the Red Fort on Independence Day."

"Terrorists have targetted innocent people in Bihar before the Chhath Puja."

2.40 pm

"The CBI and IM will help Congress to save its face."

"Terrorism can not stop India. It will go ahead and will also scale new heights of development."

"When they can't stop BJP and Modi democratically, they try other means."

2.32 pm

"The weather is changing across India. Those busy enjoying power have sensed a threat approaching."

2.30 pm

"Bahraich was my last engagement as a party organiser as I was given the responsibility of Gujarat CM in 2001. Hence, this place is special for me."

2.26 pm

Narendra Modi begins to speak.

2.20 pm

"How the SP is ruling the state? Endless riots are taking place in Muzaffarnagar. The SP govt is afraid of the Congress-led Centre. Even after the CBI cases got over, they don't have the guts to withdraw support from the Congress govt. "

"The history of India is not the history of a particular family. In Congress, nobody thinks about other great personalities of the past who belonged to the party."

2.17 pm

"India will change forever if Modi serves as its leader for 12-14 years."

2.15 pm

"The UPA govt has followed flawed economic policies."

"The UPA government has failed to check price rise. Whatever our PM touches, it vanishes."

2.13 pm

"The Atal Bihari govt never allowed prices to rise despite all odds. Various countries put a boycott on India after the nuclear blasts but yet the wheel of the development did not stop."

"Parties like SP, BSP and RJD support the Congress govt at the Centre from outside. The CBI is supporting it from above."

2.12 pm

"Had the natural resources of these areas were utilised properly, they could have been developed. But that didn't happen."

"Bahraich is very important from historical and cultural points of view."

2.06 pm

Rajnath Singh speaks.

2.05 pm

BJP state chief Laxmikant Bajpai speaks.

2.00 pm

Modi and Singh welcomed with a big garland.

1.55 pm

Narendra Modi and BJP president Rajnath Singh reach Bahraich rally venue.

1.47 pm

"Gujarat hasn't seen any riot in the last 10 years. When Mulayam Singh says he won't let UP to become Gujarat, he means there will be riots."

1.44 pm

"Mulayam Singh says he will not let UP become Gujarat. He is right He does not want UP to develop like Gujarat."

"I know Mulayam Singh very nicely. Aisa koi saga nahi jise Mulayam Singh ne thaga nahi (he doesn't hesitate to deceive his own people)."

1.37 pm

"The Third Front is a sham."

"Congress will get 6 seats, SP get 8 and BSP will get 9 seats in the 2014 polls. The rest will go to the BJP."

"2014 election is also about the 2017 UP assembly polls."

"India will shine under Narendra Modi."

"A democracy is not the fiefdom of any family or any person. Ultimately, it is the people who are the supreme," he said.

"Till when will you face all this? Till when framers face their problems? Is it not for us to solve them?," Singh asked.

1.29 pm

Former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh speaks.

1.22 pm

Kalraj Mishra speaks.

1.20 pm

Katiyar concludes his speech.

"The SP, BSP and Congress have tacit understanding among themselves."

"The BSP also does the same."

"Leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav refuse to arrest such criminals."

"Organisations like SIMI and IM have caused so much trouble in these parts. Should those criminals be let off?"

"What kind of government is working here in UP?"

"Uttar Pradesh has become a Danga Pradesh."

1.05 pm

Senior leader Vinay Katiyar speaks.

12.55 pm

Ramapati Ram Tripathi speaks. He backs Modi as the prime minister. Modi is the Vishwas and Samman of nation, he said.

12.45 pm

Local BJP leader speaks at the rally. Flays the Congress, SP and BSP.

"If all Indians urinate in Pakistan, there will be a flood there."

"The last development here was seen during the days of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Nothing has happened since then."

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