Law is helpless in UP, hence the Uma Bharatis show such audacity

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Can UP govt control audacious Uma
Lucknow, Sept 19: BJP leader Uma Bharati on Wednesday cautioned the Uttar Pradesh administration against arresting her party's members on charges of instigating riots in Muzaffarnagar that claimed 50 lives and rendered 40,000 people homeless.

The senior leader said the BJP MLAs will not protest their arrest but the consequences will be there for the Samajwadi Party (SP) government in the state to witness the consequences. She said the arrest of the BJP MLAs will mean that the SP wants to ignite riots again by targetting one community and one party. Bharati and other party workers shielded Sangeet Som, the man against whom an arrest warrant was issued, from being held by the police.

The fanatics are being allowed to defy law, and hence the Bharatis give warning

Som had reportedly admitted that his office distributed a fake video that claimed to show two Hindu persons being lynched. Police said the video was filmed in some other country.

The disappointing handling of the riots by both the state and the central governments have allowed leaders like Bharati to express such audacity of warning the administration. While an inexperienced chief minister of the SP government has failed to rein in the disruptive elements from across the political spectrum, the Congress-led UPA government did not do more than a mere lip service to the riot-affected people, and that too reportedly from one community. The compulsion of seeking the SP's to form the UPA III has stopped the Congress from directly attacking the Yadavs of the ruling SP.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the then prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, had accused a former premiere of the same Uttar Pradesh for not properly handling the controversial Ayodhya movement and felt terribly dejected that his ideal of secularism was being allowed to be undermined by some local fanatics. Today, the fanatics are being allowed to do whatever they feel and no administration has the guts to control them. The more helpless the law looks, the stronger the voice of leaders like Uma Bharati becomes.

How long can a administrative vacuum exist in an important state like Uttar Pradesh, does the chief minister have an answer?

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