Tapas Pal asks people to cut CPM members into pieces, yet again

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Kolkata, July 1: Within a day of a big controversy that rocked the national politics over the shocking statement of Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Tapas Pal who openly threatened to rape and kill members of the Opposition, another explosive video of him surfaced on Tuesday. This time also, Paul was seen threatening the CPI(M) in explosive words.

Addressing a rally, the MP from Krishnanagar said: "Those who kill people are not humans themselves. They have not been given birth by human beings. Don't spare the sons of CPI(M). Slash their throats."

He added: "Kill a few CPI(M) members and show me. Cut them into pieces with an axe and let me see who touches you."

Show me if you can murder a few CPI(M) people, Tapas Paul was seen saying

On Monday, a video showed Pal openly threatening to unleash rapists on the opponents in a village in his constituency, drawing criticism from across the society and political spectrum.

The Centre sought a report from the West Bengal on Tuesday over Paul's rape threat. It wanted complete information about the MP's speech, where it was made, how many people were present on the occasion and about its repercussions.

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