Wuhayshi's death signals curtains for al-Qaeda in Yemen

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Washington, June 16: The Al-Qaeda has confirmed that its leader in the Arab Peninsula, Nasser al-Wuhayshi has been killed in a drone strike.

While the US intelligence agencies are verifying this claim, the fact remains that if Wuhayshi has really fallen, then it is a major set back for the Al-Qaeda and its future prospects in the Arab Peninsula.

Nasser al-Wuhayshi

Wuhayshi was very high on the hit list of the Americans. The CIA has infact been trying to track him down since 2009.

The CIA had reported that the nabbing or killing of Wuhayshi was extremely important as he was not only a master strategist, but commanded respect among the cadres which would help the Al-Qaeda grow leaps and bounds.

The rise of Wuhayshi

Wuhayshi was a man Friday to Osama Bin Laden. A personal secretary and a body guard during the Tora Bora days of Bin Laden, Wuhayshi climbed the ladder within the al-Qaeda ranks very quickly.

Wuhayshi was handed over charge of the al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula was also promoted as the General Manager operations. He was in charge of operations in North Africa, Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Prior to him handling the AQAP he was posted in Afghanistan and was heading one of the training camps at the Tarnak Farms.

At the Tarnak Farms he was under the guidance of Bin Laden. As per the CIA, Wuhayshi was with the al-Qaeda since the 1990s and was also in the know of the 9/11 attack.

A fierce warrior

Wuhayshi was considered to be a fierce warrior and had led many attacks in Afghanistan. He was often quoted as saying that all he needed was a handful of trusted cadres and he could face any force.

In fact when Osama Bin Laden was on the run following the 9/11 attacks, it was Wuhayshi along with Ayman al-Zawahiri who stuck with him.

Both Zawahiri and Wuhayshi stayed with Bin Laden in the caves of the Tora Bora mountains. He was the one who ensured a safe hideout for Bin Laden when the US bombarded the hideout for 12 days.

However after Wuhayshi ensured a safe passage for Bin Laden and Zawahiri into Pakistan, he moved to Iran where he began speaking with Sunni Muslims and dishing out support to the al-Qaeda.

Escape from jail

The Iran establishment however picked up him and extradited him to Yemen where he was put in jail. Wuhayshi during his stint in jail had become a spiritual leader and would very often recite passages from the Quran. However in the year 2006 he and his aides in jail decided to escape.

It is said that Wuhayshi along with his aides had begun digging a tunnel in jail. While his aides would dig the tunnels, Wuhayshi would loudly recite religious passages to keep the guards from hearing the sound of the digging. This jail break led to the launch of a very strong al-Qaeda in Yemen.

When the al-Qaeda began building a base in Yemen, it was Wuhayshi who had written to Bin Laden seeking his permission to make fanatic scholar Anwar al-Awlaki the chief. However as per the correspondence, Bin Laden is said to have rejected that offer and directed Wuhayshi to continue as the chief.

Dead at the right time

The US would heave a sigh of relief now that Wuhayshi is dead. He was proving to be dangerous and the manner in which he had led the al-Qaeda in Yemen, it was clear that he was ensuring the groups resurgence which has been losing heavily to the ISIS.

Wuhayshi in fact ensured that the outfit does not crumble and despite a lot of opposition he was the one who continued to endorse Zawahiri as the over all chief of the al-Qaeda.

The Yemen operation of the al-Qaeda under Wuhayshi was an extreme success. They were planning on citing the Yemen model to the affiliates of the al-Qaeda all across the world.

It was Wuhayshi who in the capacity of a general manager who ensured that the al-Qaeda was bouncing back.

According to the CIA he had lined up several more plans which included strikes in America.

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