US Prez poll 2016: Why Texas & Massachusetts will be interesting on Super Tuesday

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Washington, March 1: Eleven states in the US will vote on Super Tuesday (March 1), a crucial day in ahead of this year's presidential election.

What is Super Tuesday

Complete list of American presidential election primary/caucus schedules and results 

The delegate scenario

Of the 11, the analysts will look forward to how things unfold in Texas and Massachussets. Here is why.

Texas or the Single Star state, the second-laegest state in the US, both in terms of area and population, is also home to the largest number of delegates (252 Democratic and 55 Republican). It is also the home state of Senator Ted Cruz, one of the contenders of the Republican presidential nomination and currently placed second after Donald Trump, though by a distance.

Cruz will look to repeat his Iowa feat against Trump (the only time he could beat the latter this primary season) for a loss to the rival in his own den could derail his campaign. Cruz has the backing of both the current and former governors of Texas, Gregg Abbott and Rick Perry, respectively, which is a positive for him on Super Tuesday.

Though much smaller in size (44th) and population (15th), Massachusetts is also significant on Super Tuesday for the moderate voters in this state could halt Trump's momentum. The fact that this northeastern state has an open primary could also produce a surprise here for anyone registered can vote in the Republican polling, irrespective of party affiliation. Masachusetts has 116 Democratic and 42 Republican delegates.

The state's largest newspaper, the Boston Globe, recently urged the Democrats to vote for Ohio Governor John Kasich to weaken Trump's campaign---a move that is unusual.

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