Having won 5 of last 6 contests, will Sanders blow Clinton away in Wyoming too?

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Washington, April 9: The Democratic Party will see its next polling in the small state of Wyoming on Saturday (April 9) and although this state has just 18 delegates on offer, Bernie Sanders's victory in five out of the last six state primaries over Hillary Clinton has made things extremely interesting.

Clinton still has a delegate lead of 250 over Sanders (excluding the superdelegates) but if the race tightens further in Wyoming, the final outcome of the nomination contest will be difficult to predict.


bernie sanders and hillary clinton

The prediction of the results in Wyoming has also been hard since not a single poll was conducted by the Democratic primary voters in this state, a sparsely populated one. It means the state has less delegates to offer and that makes the poll campaigns less enthusiastic about a survey.

However, even there are not many institutions in Wyoming to carry out the opinion polls, the fact that this state is dominated by the whites predicts a godo show by Sanders. The Vermont senator has also done better in caucuses than primaries and these two factors could see him prevailing over his rival on Saturday. [What is the difference between primaries and caucuses?]

Sanders seen trading at 97% at PredictIt 

Another aspect which could hint at the poll outcome is the betting trend. At PredictIt where users bet on political event results, Sanders is trading at 97 per cent! It's only a suggestive trend but even then, 97 per cent looks a far too high mountain to climb for Clinton in Wyoming.

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