Donald Trump, Republican Party & the Disunited States of America

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Washington, March 19: The Republican Party is deeply worried. With Donald Trump looking stronger to run away with the Republican nomination for this year's presidential election, the GOP is facing more quakes in its ranks. Last year, Mike Jackson, the chief executive of the country's largest automobile retailer AutoNation, left the Republican Party after it failed to take on Trump early.

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Trump, who was not given much of a chance by the GOP, has left everybody stunned by consistently leading the race that had started with 16 people. The big wins on two Super Tuesdays on March 1 and 15 helped the real-estate tycoon maintain his lead and the early exit of some of the opponents like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio has made him look all the more unstoppable.

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Now, the GOP is desperate to make something out of Trump's loss in the crucial state of Ohio on March 15 and stop him from making the November 8 general elections. John Kasich, the third contestant in the three-men race, won Ohio. [Trump's son gets threat letter]

The GOP is earnestly praying for Trump's failure to win 1,237 delegates---the magical number required to win the nomination.

The Republican Party, which had once seen the leadership of people like Abraham Lincoln, is appalled to see Trump's demagoguery and promises that the party seems to be against its core principles, like deporting illegal immigrants, temporarily ban Muslims from the US and erecting a wall along the borde with Mexico, its southern neighbour.

But the GOP establishment might have left it for far too late as Trump has taken a sizeable lead over his two remaining opponents---Kasich and Ted Cruz. That Trump's pressure tactics in uttering that the US could see riots if he is denied nomination will put the GOP's strategy to derail him at this point under a challenge.

Multi-billionaire George Soros also pours money to stop a Republican from becoming president

Besides the likes of Jackson who earlier favoured Jeb Bush and is now backing Kasich, multi-billionaire investor George Soros, too, has decided to make a mark in the USA's political arena after more than a decade to stop a Republican from entering the White House.

Soros, who had donated a whopping $27 million to stop George W Bush in the 2004 presidential elections, is pouring money this time again particularly supporting Hillary Clinton so that neither Trump nor Cruz become the president.

Soros, 85, said the presidential campaigns of both Trump and Cruz are "deeply offensive" because of their "intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric".

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