US Prez poll 2016: Chris Christie slammed on Facebook for endorsing Trump

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Washington, Feb 27: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a former presidential candidate in this election year, on Friday endorsed Republican front-runner Donald Trump, inviting wrath on social networking site like Facebook.

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Christie, through his endorsement of Trump, became one of the first establishment Republicans to do so and his act has left many in the party, who were distressed by the real-estate tycoon's campaign methods and policy plans.


In a news conference in Texas, the New Jersey governor said there was no one better than Trump to strongly lead the US both at home and abroad. Trump himself was perhaps also surprised by this news as he said: "Wow, this is really important."

Christie's endorsement was followed by that of Maine Governor Paul LePage, who said: "I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular. So I think I should support him since we're one of the same cloth," a CNN report said.

However, though the endoresement will certainly boost Trump's campaign ahead of the crucial Super Tuesday pimaries on March 1, sharp reactions were seen on Facebook in reply to the news posted by the New York Times.

Some reactions that were posted on Facebook in reply to the above post:

Mekita Rivás: "My suspicions have been confirmed: We are living in the Twilight Zone." [Liked by 2,743 people]

Annette Taylor: "He wants a position in the Cabinet if Trump wins, same as Palin. It's all politics. No way they could be dissing each other all the way up until this point and then all of a sudden be cool. Don't work that way. Read between the lines folks." [Liked by 647 people]

Darin Robinson: "Christie is as stupid as we all thought he was." [Liked by 904 people]

Kim Douglas: "Chris Christie couldn't stick with a simple diet plan, but can eat all of The Donalds bullcrap....what an idiot, who Trump will pimp out real real soon...." [Liked by 50 people]

Don Luis: "The governor of New Jersey endorses the guy that owns a casino in Atlantic City. Welcome to your first taste of corrupt Trump government America." [Liked by 16 people]

David Nixon: "Chris, aren't you concerned that Donald Trump keeps repeating the same talking points? And if you are so enamored with Trump, why were you running against him in the first place? How much did Trump pay you for this endorsement or how much do you anticipate being paid?" [Liked by 177 people]

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