US President Barack Obama addresses UNGA in New York; vows to destroy ISIS

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New York, Sept 24: US President Barack Obama vowed to destroy dreaded Islamic militant group ISIS, while addressing the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on Wednesday.

In one of his most aggressive speeches, Obama called upon world leaders to jointly fight against ISIS and said that the brutality of terrorist forces in Syria can't be overlooked.

While reacting on ISIS videos, Obama said, "Videos of atrocities distributed to shock the conscience of the world."

In a loud and clear warning to ISIS, Obama said, "Those who have joined ISIS must leave the battlefield while they can. There can be negotiations with this brand of evil. ISIS must be degraded and then ultimately destroyed."

"The only language it understands is that of force", he said in one of his  anti-terror speeches, adding that the military presence should be kept up.

"Unite to fight against the cancer of violent extremism", he said as the world leaders keenly listened to his strong anti-terror message.

Obama further said, "America will work in a coalition to dismantle this network of death (ISIS)".

"Muslims across the world aspire to live with dignity,when it comes to America there is no us & them, it is only 'us'. It is time for the world,especially the Muslim commnity to explicitly reject organizations like al Qaeda", he said.

"Ultimately the task of rejecting sectarianism & rejecting extremism is a generational task", he asserted.

"We will demonstrate that the future belongs to those who build and not to those who destroy. United States will never shy away from defending our interests", Obama said, while adding that "America will not give up on the pursuit to peace", before concluding his more than 30 minutes speech.

Obama also said, "Russia's action in Ukraine challenges the post-war order,US and our allies will support the people of Ukraine. Bigger nations shouldn't bully smaller nations."

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