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UNGA: Trump urges allies to join US in further isolating Iran

By Vishal S

New York, Sep 24: US President Donald Trump spoke on a host of issues in his speech at UN General Assembly on Tuesday. The US President urged world leaders to put the interests of their nation first. He said the future does not belong to globalists but to those who protect their citizens and respect their neighbours.

"The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to strong, independent nations," Trump told the General Assembly.

Donald Trump

"The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation. We desire peace, cooperation, and mutual gain with all. But I will never fail to defend America's interests," he said.

Trump came down heavily on Iran and said sanctions on Tehran will not be lifted so long as "Iran's menacing behavior continues."

Amid speculations that Trump could meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York , the President raised the possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough, saying "the United States has never believed in permanent enemies. We want partners, not adversaries."

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"As long as Iran's menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted, they will be tightened. For 40 years the world has listened to Iran's rulers as they lashed out to everyone else for the problems they alone have created," he said.

While Trump wants allies to join the U.S. in further isolating Iran, he also seems to be holding to his go-it-alone strategy of using economic sanctions to pressure Tehran to give up its nuclear program and stop attacks that are rattling the Middle East. In the speech's first moments, Trump did not explicitly to blame Iran for recent strikes against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Iran has denied orchestrating the attack, which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has deemed "an act of war."

Trump on immigration policies:

President Donald Trump has delivered a robust defense of his tough immigration policies and has told other countries they have an absolute right to follow suit. Trump told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday that the sovereignty and security of all nations is threatened by uncontrolled migration and loose border controls. He warns other world leaders of what he calls a "growing cottage industry" of radical activists that is promoting open borders. Trump says those who do so threaten human rights under the cover of championing social justice. The Republican president says those policies are not just but rather "cruel and evil."

US President Trump on China:

Trump put China on notice at the United Nations, declaring that the time of trade "abuses" by Beijing was "over"

"In 2001 China was admitted to the World Trade Org. Our leaders then argued that this decision would compel China to liberalise its economy and strengthen protections to provide things that were unacceptable to us. And for private property for the rule of law."

"Decades later this theory has been proven wrong. Not only has China declined to adopt promised reforms, it has embraced an economic model dependent on massive market barriers,currency manipulation,product dumping,forced technology transfers&theft of intellectual property."

"US lost 60,000 factories after China entered WTO. This is happening to other countries all over the globe. WTO needs drastic change. 2nd largest economy in world shouldn't be allowed to declare itself a developing country in order to game the system at others' expense," Trump said.

Trump on Britain:

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he wanted to strike a "magnificent trade deal" with Britain as it prepares to leave the European Union. "We are working closely with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a magnificent trade deal," Trump told the United Nations in New York.

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    OneIndia News with PTI/AP inputs

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